Petrol Coke

From appearance, petrol coke is solid state with unshaped size, and also mono-pile structure with metal color. The main elements are C, H, O, N, S and metals. Its usage is to produce graphite, melting and chemicals. Besides, another usage is to make carbon products, for example, graphite electrode, anode arc and so on.

ItemIndexTest Method
First GradesConforming Product
Sulphur Content,% 387
Volatiles,%121214171820SH/T 0026
Ash Content, % 0029
Sater Content, %3SH/T 0032
True density, g/cm32.08~2.13Repot——SH/T 0033
Powder Coke Content(Block 8mm ),%25——
Silicon Content,%0.08——SH/T 0058
Vanadium Content,%0.015——SH/T 0058
Iron Content,%0.08——SH/T 0058

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