Petroleum Toluene

Toluene at room temperature is a colorless clear liquid, benzene smell, high refractive index, low toxicity. With ethanol, ether, acetone, chloroform, carbon disulfide and acetic acid mixed solution, slightly soluble in water, flammable. Steam can form explosive mixtures with air, high concentration gas narcotic, stimulating

Toluene as solvent and high octane value of gasoline additive, is an important raw material in organic chemical industry, a series of toluene derivative intermediates, widely used in production of dyestuff, medicine, pesticide, explosive, additives, spices, detergent, fertilizer and other fine chemicals.

ItemIndexTest Method
AppearanceTransparency liquid,All water soluble and mechanical impuritiesVisual
Color(Hazen unit platinum cobalt1020GB/T 3143
ASTM D1209
Density(20℃)/kg/m3——865-868GB/T 2013
SH/T 0604
Purity(mass fraction)/%99.9——ASTM D6526
Hydrocarbon Impurity Content:GB/T 3144
ASTM D6526
   Benzene Content (mass fraction)/%0.030.10
   C8 Aromatic Hydrocarbon Content(mass fraction)/%0.050.10
   Non-Aromatic Hydrocarbon Content(mass Fraction)/%0.10.25
Acid Pickling

Acid layer color Not deep in1000ml Dilute acid

 0.2gotassium bichromatestandard solution

GB/T 2012
Sulfur Content /(mg/kg)2

SH/T 0253

SH/T 0689

Evaporation Residue /(mg/100ml)3GB/T 3209
neutralisation testNeutralGB/T 1816
Bromine Index/(mg/100g)Agreed by the supply and demand sides SH/T 0630
SH/T 1551
SH/T 1767

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