Isobutylene for industrial

Isobutylene is colorless gas, can form explosive mixtures with air, soluble in organic solvent, explosion limit of 1.7% ~ 1.7%, easily be aggregated, constitutional formula CH3=C(CH3)2.

Isobutylene is an important chemical raw material, mainly used for the preparation of butyl rubber, polyisobutylene, methacrylonitrile, antioxidants, tertiary butyl phenol, tert-butyl ether, etc.

NumberItemIndexTest Method
Premium GradesFirst GradesConforming Product
AppearanceClear and BrightVisual
1Isobutylene content,%m/m 99.79998.5SH/T1482
2Propane,%m/m 0.05AllowanceAllowance
3Propylene,%m/m 0.005(Total Hydrocarbon)(Total Hydrocarbon)
4Butane,%m/m 余量
51-maleic,%m/m 0.03
62-maleic,%m/m 0.02
7Butadiene,%m/m 0.005
8Carbinol,%m/m 0.00050.7(Total Oxide)1.0(Total Oxide)SH/T1483
9Dimethyl ether,%m/m 0.0005
10tert-Butanol,%m/m 0.001
11MTBE,%m/m 0.0005
12Water,%m/m 0.01NIL Free WaterGB/T6023
13Dimer,%m/m Agerred——SH/T1484

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