Propylene is colorless gas, with slightly sweet under normal temperature . Its constitutional formula is CH3-CH=CH2. It is slightly narcotic, flammable, explosive limits of 2% ~ 11%. Insoluble in water, but soluble in organic solvent, regarded as a low toxicity material.

The maxium dosage pf propylene is used as polypropylene production. In addition, it can be used for acrylonitrile, isopropyl alcohol, phenol and acetone, butanol, octanol, acrylic acid, lipid and epoxy propane, propylene glycol, epichlorohydrin and synthetic glycerine, etc.

Chanbroad Petrochemical introduced the world’s most advanced oleflex mixing dehydrogeneration technology from American UOP Company on the basis of its original device of gas fractionation, had built the very first domestic hybrid alkane dehydrogeneration unit, the puroity of its propylene production has reached over 99.6%, effectively filled the gap of the domestic propylene market.

NumberItemIndexTest Method
premium gradesFirst GradesConforming Product
1Propone(volume fraction) φ/%99.699.298.6GB/T 3392
2Alkane(volume fraction)  φ/%ReportReportReportGB/T 3392
3Ethylene Content/(mL/m3)2050100GB/T 3392
4Ethyne Content/(mL/m3)255GB/T 3394
5Methylacetylene +Allene /(mL/m3)51020GB/T 3392
6Oxygen Content/(mL/m3)51010GB/T 3396
7Carbon Monoxide Bontent/(mL/m3)255GB/T 3394
8carbon dioxide Content/(mL/m3)51010GB/T 3394
9Butylene+Butadiene Content/(mL/m3)52020GB/T 3392
10Sulphur Contennt/(mg/kg)158GB/T 11141
11Water Content/(mg/kg)10AgreedGB/T 3727
12Methanol Content/(mg/kg)1010GB/T 12701
13Dimethyl Ether Content/(mg/kg)25AeportGB/T 12701

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