Propane is a kind of alkane with three carbon atoms, which formula is CH3-CH2-CH3. It is gaseous commonly but liquid when transportation. Propane could be produced through crude oil or natural gas processing. It is used in synthesis and could be material of ethylene and propylene, or medium in oil processing. Mixture of propane, butane and ethane could be used as civil fuel. 

ItemIndustrial PropaneTest Method
No. 95No. 85No. 70
ComponentPropane,%(V/V)958570SH/T 1411
CHydrocarbon Mixture,%(V/V)ReportReport3
Unsaturated Hydrocarbon,%(V/V)ReportReportReport
Vapour Pressure(37.8℃),kPa1430GB/T 6602
Copper Corrosion,Level1SH/T 0232
Sulfur Content,mg/m3102030SH/T 0222

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