Isopentane is also known as 2-Methylbutane. It is colorless, transparent, volatile liquid with a pleasant aroma, chemical formula C5H12, mainly be used in organic synthesis and solvent.

Sulfur Content,mg/kg ≦1.0
Copper Corrosion(20℃,3h)/Level 1
Water Soluble Acid or AlkaliNone
Water Content(volume fraction)% ≦20
Skelgas(volume fraction)% ≧98.0
Isopentane Content(volume fraction)% ≧96.0
Cand The Following Components(volume fraction)% 0.5
Cand The Following Componentsvolume fraction)% 0.2
Acidity  mgKoH/100ml ≦5
Bromine Index  mg/100g ≦10
AppearanceColorless Transparent Liquid

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