0# Automotive Diesel Oil(VI)

Diesel oil, a fuel used in diesel engine, is a complicated mixture of hydrocarbons (carbon atom number being 10~22) and belongs to light petroleum product, which is made by mixing diesel distillates produced in the crude oil distillation, catalytic cracking, thermal cracking, hydrocracking, and petroleum coking processes and can also be prepared via shale oil processing and coal liquefaction.

ItemNo.5No.0No.-10No.-20No.-35No.-50Test Method

Oxidation Stability(Measured as total 

insolubles)/(mg/100 mL)

2.5SH/T 0175
Sulfur Content/(mg/kg)10SH/T 0689
Acidity(Measured as KOH)/(mg/100 mL) 7GB/T 258
Carbon Residue on Residuum(mass fraction)/%0.3GB/T 268
Ash Content(mass fraction)/%0.01GB/T 508
Copper Strip Corrosion(50℃,3h)/level1GB/T 5096
Moisture Content(volume fraction)/%MarkGB/T 260


   Corrected Wear Scar Diameter(60℃ )/μm



SH/T 0765

PAH( polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon)Content

(mass fraction)/%


SH/T 0806
Kinematic Viscosity (20℃)/(mm2/s) 3.0~8.02.5~8.01.8~7.0 GB/T 265
Pour Point/℃50-10-20-35-50GB/T 510
Cold Filter Plugging Point/℃84-5-14-29-44SH/T 0248
Closed Flash Point/℃605045GB/T 261
Cetane Number514947GB/T 386
Cetane Index464643SH/T 0694
Boiling RangeGB/T 6536
   50% Recovered Temperature/℃ 300
   90% Recovered Temperature/℃355
   95% Recovered Temperature/℃365
Density (20℃)/(kg/m3)810~845790~840

GB/T 1884

GB/T 1885

FAME(Fatty Acid Methyl Ester)

(volume fraction)/%

1.0NB/SH/T 0916

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