Polybutene Alloy

Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals Co., Ltd., together with research team from Qingdao Science and Technology University and Chambroad Chemical Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd, after working more than 10 years, have succeeded in developing and commercializing the polybutene alloy (PB-A) which breaks the overseas technical monopoly and provides premium raw materials for high-performance piping producers home and abroad.

Polybutene alloy (PB-A) is a new material developed to address the shortcomings of polybutene-1(slow in crystal transition and long moulding time, etc.). PB-A is adopted in-reactor polymerization technology and introduces polypropylene component to effectively enhance the speed for crystal transition and the impact resistance of polybutene, etc.

NameAppearanceMelt Index(190℃/2.16kg)Tensile StrengthFracture StrainFlexural ModulusNotched Izod Impact StrengthShore HardnessVicat Softening Temperature


Performance ParameterPB-A9081Granules of Original Colour[0.45-0.65]≥21.0≥10.0[400-700]≥50.0(23℃)≥60.0≥120.0
PB-A9090Granules of Ivory White


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