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Ethylbenzene for industrial

Ethylbenzene, an aromatic hydrocarbons,chemical formula C6H5C2H5, is flammable, its steam can form explosive mixtures with air. In open flame, high fever, or contact with antioxidant, is in danger of cause burning explosion.

Ethylbenzene is an aromatic organic compounds, is primarily used in the petrochemical industry as intermediates of styrene production, which is generally used for the preparation of commonly used plastic products-polystyrene. Although there is a small amount of ethylbenzene in crude oil, but mass production is still rely on the acid catalytic reaction of benzene with ethylene. Ethylbenzene by catalytic dehydrogenation, generates hydrogen and styrene.

NumberItemIndexTest Method
Premium GradesFirst Grades
1AppearanceColorless, transparent, even liquid, no mechanical impurities and free waterVisual
2Density(20℃),kg/m?866-870GB/T 4472
3PH value of water extract6.0-8.0SH/T 1146
4Fineness,%(m/m) ≥99.7099.50SH/T 1148
5Dimethylbenzene,%(m/m) ≤0.100.15SH/T 1148
6Cumin,%(m/m) ≤0.030.05SH/T 1148
7Diethylenzene,%(m/m) ≤0.0010.001SH/T 1148
8Sulphur,%(m/m) ≤0.0003Not MeasureSH/T 1147

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