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Naphtha is one of petroleum, also called chemical light oil, which is mainly used as materials of reforming and petrochemicals. There are different kinds of distillation due to different usage. For Chinese standard, IBP is 220°C. Light naphtha could be used as materials of aromatics at 70°C-145°C fraction. Heavy naphtha is used to produce high-octane gasoline at 70°C-145°C. It’s called medium naphtha when used as medium. 

Initial boiling point,℃35
Final boiling point,℃205
Sulphur Content(mass fraction)/%0.015
Copper Corrosion(50℃,3h)/level1
Water soluble acid or alkaliNone
Mechanical Impurities and MoistureNone
AlkanesContent(mass fraction)%Actual Measurement

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