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Petroleum Benzene

Petroleum benzene is a colorless transparent liquid, having a sweet taste, and strong fragrant scent under normal temperature. Benzene flammable, toxic, is also a kind of carcinogenic substance. Benzene is a kind of simplest aromatic hydrocarbons, slightly soluble in water, easily soluble in organic solvent, itself can be used as organic solvent.

Benzene as raw materials for the petrochemical industry, is a important raw material for synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, synthetic fiber, synthetic drugs and pesticides, also can be made for power fuel and coating, rubber, solvent, etc.


Test Method

AppearanceTransparency liquid 、All water soluble and mechanical impuritiesVisual
Color(Platinum cobalt)2020GB/T 3143
ASTM D 1209
Purity(mass fraction)/%99.899.9ASTM D 4492
Methylbenzene(mass fraction)/%0.100.05ASTM D 4492
non-aromatic hydrocarbon (mass fraction)/%0.150.10ASTM D 4492
Thiophene/(mg/kg)Report0.6ASTM D 1685
ASTM D 4735
Acid Pickling

Acid layer color Not deep in 1000ml,Dilute acid

0.20g potassium bichromatestandard solution

Acid layer color Not deep in1000ml,Dilute acid

0.10gpotassium bichromatestandard solution

GB/T 2012
Total Sulfur Content/(mg/kg)21SH/T 0253
SH/T 0689
Bromine Index/(mg/100g)20SH/T 0630
SH/T 1551
SH/T 1767
Crystallization Point(dry basis)/℃5.355.45GB/T 3145
1,4-dioxane(mass fraction)/%Agreed by the supply and demand sidesASTM D 4492
Nitrogen Content/(mg/kg)Agreed by the supply and demand sidesSH/T 0657
ASTM D 6069
Water Content/(mg/kg)Agreed by the supply and demand sidesSH/T 0246
ASTM E 1064
Density(20℃)/(kg/m3ReportGB/T 2013
SH/T 0604
Neutral experimentNeutralGB/T 1816

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